July 5, 2015

Donating to help our work

How your money helps vulnerable children in Zambia

We are dependent on donations from our supporters for every aspect of our work. Every donation we receive will go to help vulnerable children in Zambia and we work hard to make your money go a long way. If you donate items to us, we will pass them on to people who need them, usually other organisations working with vulnerable young people. It may take a while to find the right place for your items, and if this is the case we will keep them safe until we do. If you donate money, we will allocate it to whichever programme is in most need of funds. We try to make our financial resources last for as long as possible and are careful about how we spend our money. We have very low admin costs so as much of your money as possible goes towards programmes which help children directly.Whatever you are able to give, your support means a lot to us. A little really does go a long way in Zambia.

For just 50p we can buy washing detergent to give to a child so that they can keep their school uniform clean for a week. This is important for vulnerable children who have managed to find a school place, as they will not be allowed into class if they are looking scruffy.

£5 provides a pair of basic shoes for a child living in a compound or a few loaves of bread to be taken as food to a child who is being wrongfully held in prison.

A gift of £10 will pay for a  which provides enough nshima (the staple food in Zambia) to keep a vulnerable family going for a month, or fuel for one day to enable our volunteers to provide counselling and other activities on the street.

Children who live on the streets often have no way to access health care. £30 will pay fora course of antibiotics or a trip to the clinic for children who are unwell. £50 will enable us to buy a first aid kit to provide treatment for cuts and sores so that they do not become infected and cause big problems for a child. £150 will help to give a child a simple but dignified burial


How to Donate

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If you would like to contribute towards helping a specific project area, person or activity, please contact us