June 6, 2015

Raising awareness

Raising awareness
of the situation of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia

Footprints undertakes
– Advocacy activities to raise awareness within Zambia
– Activities to raise awareness in other countries e.g. the United Kingdom
– To form a wide network of support for vulnerable children in Zambia


We are always happy to attend events and talk with the media in the UK and Zambia to raise awareness of the work we are doing and of the situation of vulnerable children in Zambia.
We held a successful programme of talks by Vasco and Nikki from the Zambian Management Team in the UK during August and September 2013, and this has continued in 2014 and 2015.
If you would like us to speak at your school, church, or to any other group at any time (in the UK or Zambia), please contact us.We are also forming a network of partners who can all work together to support vulnerable children. For information about the growing number of organisations that we are partnering with, click here.