June 6, 2015

Our Projects

Our work is organised through four operational themes:


Beating HIV
– Preventing HIV (education programme)
– Testing for HIV
– Supporting people to live with HIVSupporting individual needs
– Giving individual children the opportunity to achieve their potential – whatever that may be
– Emergency fund for funeral and emergency care costs
– Providing counselling for children who have suffered trauma

Giving children a healthy and happy childhood
– Providing fun / play activities and resources
– Donating games, books etc to local organisations
– Providing food for local organisations
– Providing fruit and veg / vitamin supplements etc
– Celebrating festivals – buying Easter eggs at Easter etc
– Providing specialised programmes to promote a positive lifestyle based on our Christian values
– Providing often forgotten but important items to local organisations, such as underwear and socks

Raising awareness of the situation of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia
– Undertaking advocacy activities to raise awareness within Zambia
– Undertaking activities to raise awareness in other countries e.g. the United Kingdom
– Forming a wide network of support for vulnerable children in Zambia.

We aim to build links and form partnerships with other organisations in Zambia where appropriate, to ensure that as many orphans and vulnerable children as possible have access to quality support.