June 6, 2015

How we operate

How we operate

We work in partnership with existing local organisations where we can, but provide direct services where necessary, identifying gaps in provision and designing programs to fill them.

We focus our funding on sustainable solutions but still recognise the value of, often low cost, one-off activities which bring colour to the lives of vulnerable children and make them feel valued.

We have a policy of supporting the local economy by buying items locally where possible. Whilst we send donated aid items into Zambia, we try to avoid commercial procurement from outside of the local Zambian economy where possible.

We treat our volunteers fairly (both in Zambia and in the UK) and use ethically sourced materials where possible.

We strive to be honest and transparent when planning, delivering and evaluating programs and respect the skills and experience of local people but also utilise the expertise of global volunteers to improve the way that we fundraise and deliver services.

We ensure that we remain relevant my staying up to date with technological, social and political developments and apply this knowledge to deliver the best possible service to vulnerable children in Zambia