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Footprints Foundation for Children in Zambia
Welcomes You

Footprints is an organisation which was established on the principles of speaking out for the marginalized in our society, specifically the street and working child. Street Children may not necessarily be homeless or without families, but live in situations where there is no protection, supervision, or direction from responsible adults.

We were established to improve and restore the social functioning of the child on the streets and also empower them to realize their capabilities and potential.

As Footprints we have come to realize that street children in Zambia are children who have found the streets to be their real home. These are children who find shelter and comfort in the Streets.


A Journey of Hope: Reuniting Twins with their Mother


In the bustling city of Lusaka, there is a remarkable safe haven that continues to thrive-Kasisi safe home. This remarkable place provides shelter, love and care to countless children who had been abandoned or faced unimaginable hardships. Among the many Children who found solace within its walls were two young boys twins, who had been rescued from the streets more than five years ago.


Their mother, unfortunately, was known to be an alcoholic, and the boys were in need of a safe and stable environment. The twins are thirteen years old; Footprints team recognized the need to provide them with a safe and nurturing environment, they made a decision to place them at Kasisi safe home. They came from Misisi compound, and when we found them on the streets, they were in desperate need for care and support. It was heartbreaking to see such young children fending for themselves in such difficult circumstances. The team witnessed firsthand the struggles they faced, as their mother battled with alcoholism.

Over the years, these twins became an integral part of Kasisi family. They grew up alongside other children who had also experienced similar hardships, they received love, care and education, growing into bright and resilient young boys. However, sister Mariola never forgot about their mother and the importance of family. The team received a special request from sister Mariola. She asked us to trace the family for the twins so that they can spend a holiday with their mother. The team was surprised to hear this as they had completely forgotten about the twins’ family. They immediately started the process of family tracing together with the twins. The team had all the information about the twin’s mother but unfortunately, they were unable to locate her place because she shifted from Misisi compound. They visited nearby bars, asking if anyone knew of a woman who had twin children, days turned into weeks, and the team faced numerous dead ends and false leads. However, their determination never wavered. After weeks of searching, they finally found a lady who recognized the description and directed the team to Linda compound where the twins mum stays.


When the team arrived at the twin’s mother’s house, they were greeted with surprise as the twins Mother held them with happiness! After a joyous holiday spent with their loving mother, she entrusted the team with a precious gift, the contact details of their long-lost father. Determined to reunite the twins with their roots, the team embarked on a mission to find him. Armed with just a name, they turned to the vast world of Facebook, hoping to locate the twins, Dad. After a month a notification popped up on Facebook messenger. It was their biological father, finally responding to the message from the team. He explained that they twins had a sister who lives closely to Kasisi safe home. After writing their grade 7 examination they will visit their sister and Aunt.

          In conclusion, the story of the twins highlights the importance of addressing the needs of street children and the crucial role that dedicated team play in their lives. It saves as a reminder that every child, regardless of                              their circumstances deserves love, care and access to education.

I visited Zambia in 2022, with the footprints Team. The moment that will forever be in my mind will be the times with the street children. On one occasion this young man called Gerald approached me and asked me if I wanted to chat, so I sat with him on a railway sleeper, he spoke about his life, his plans and his hopeful return to his home, with the help of The Footprints Team. I offered to pray for him, and he accepted, but he astounded me when he offered, and he did pray for me! On another occasion, a street boy was given a New Testament Bible, we read John Chapter 1, ‘In the beginning was the word and the word was with God’, we read together, and we discussed the meaning. To me, nothing could be better than being stood in the middle of Lusaka with a street child reading the Bible.The memory will be with me for ever! These two occasions are even more meaningful because each boy wrote a note for me, which I keep in my phone wallet, proudly being shown to anyone who is interested. Since then both boys have returned home, thanks to the Footprints Team. - Sandra, Volunteer

Innocent's Story


During our outreach on a Monday, our team encountered a young boy named Innocent who shared his difficult home situation with us. He asked us to visit his family, as they were struggling to afford even a meal. Innocent explained that his father, who worked as a farm helper, was only earning K60.00 per week. His father was not allowed to eat any of the Vegetables or fruits he planted on the farm. Upon hearing Innocent’s story, our team was deeply moved and promised to visit his family on Wednesday. We picked Innocent up at bridge No.2 and went to his home for a thorough home assessment. As soon as we saw his family, we understood why Innocent had resorted to the street life.

The FMDM sisters decided to take immediate action to help Innocent and his family. They were deeply moved by the family’s difficult situation and wanted to provide them with better living condition and support. Firstly, Footprints team and the sisters arranged for Innocent and the young brother to stay at Nsansa Village while they worked on finding a solution for his family. The boys were temporarily placed at Nsansa village.

One of the sisters who was present during the Street Outreach and home assessment shared the story of Innocent and his family with the other sisters at their congregation. The sisters were touched by the family’s plight and decided to offer them support. The sisters decided to provide the family with decent accommodation and food. They understood the importance of having a safe and comfortable living. The long-term plan is to provide employment for the parents and enrol the two boys in school. The FMDM Sisters have decided to support the family by providing them with decent accommodation and food. They are also actively looking for a suitable school for the boys to attend.


The team separated Innocent and perthus from their parents due to unforeseen circumstances and were placed in the facility for their own safety. Moses, our outreach officer, had been assigned to their case and had been working tirelessly to find a suitable home for the family. After months of searching, with the support of the sisters, the two young brothers have been reunited with their family at home. The sisters will employ their parents to ensure that they have a stable source of income to support their children.

I enjoyed the early morning services on the Footprints trip when we all gathered together as one and each individual bringing their own riches. Deeply touched by the Footprints Team in Zambia, their understanding and commitment on call 24/7. We as volunteers only scraped the surface, but trust that we made some impact. Integrating with those on the streets and bringing some kind of stability for the short time we spent with them. -Philip, volunteer

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