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Footprints provides outreach to children who find themselves on the streets in Zambia. We support them with the objective of moving them off the street into partner organisations or back to their own family to give them a brighter future.
We believe Everyone has the right to health

There is a huge amount of pressure on all of the organisations working with vulnerable children in Lusaka. Running centres and adequately supporting children already rescued from the streets is time and resource intensive and as a result many organisations with these commitments find their ability to work directly with children still on the streets is limited.

The unique focus of Footprints is based on the vision of founders, Nikki and Vasco: visits to the streets and vulnerable individuals should always allow us to spend quality time with the children, talking to them, getting to know them and gaining their trust. We do this as often as possible, spending as long as we are able in each place and working with the children where they are. This work involves activities for the children: football, dancing, cooking food and playing games. This is a hugely successful formula as it allows the children to feel valued, have fun, and most importantly bond with us and feel that they can trust us enough to confide and engage with our volunteers.

Our Projects

Beating HIV

Preventing HIV through education programmes, testing for HIV, and supporting children living with HIV

Supporting individual needs

Giving practical help to children on the street who find themselves in difficult circumstances with no parents to help them

Giving children a healthy and happy childhood

Providing essential food, clothing, books, games and play activities to and through local organisations

Raising Awareness

Promoting a wider understanding in both Zambia and the UK issues that Street Children face

Our Team

Footprints is a Registered Charity in the UK and Zambia. Staff and trustees include
Sevelino Vasco
Director – – Footprints Zambia
Vasco is co-founder and Operations Director responsible for the work of Footprints on the streets in Zambia
Roger Maughan
Trustee – Footprints UK
Roger has been a Footprints Trustee since 2013. He has previously worked with Mission Direct and the Re-wired project in Zambia and is Business Director of the Kenelm Youth Trust for the Archdiocese of Birmingham.
Errol Brown
Trustee – Footprints UK
Errol joined Footprints as a UK based trustee after seeing their work in Zambia first hand during a trip with Mission Direct in 2012. He has since been back to Zambia twice to actively support Vasco and the team on the ground and works to raise awareness and fundraise in the UK.
Jacky Hunt
Trustee – Footprints UK
Jacky, Julian and their family have visited Lusaka several times and were aware of the work of Vasco and Kenny when they were at Fountain of Hope during their first visit in 2011 with Mission Direct
Julian Hunt
Trustee – Footprints UK
Since footprints was founded in 2013 Julian and Jacky have both been involved with supporting Footprints and spent some time with their whole family working in Lusaka in 2014. Julian is now chair of the UK Charity
Rob Pickering
Trustee – Footprints UK
Rob is the newest face on the Footprints team. He too first became aware of our work through visiting Lusaka with Mission Direct in 2014. He works as a company director in technology and electronic communications and he looks after this website and other aspects of our communication infrastructure.

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